Maui Travel Planning – The Day Of Your Maui Luau

Now that you’ve settled on Huakai Luau as your Maui Luau, your trip is starting to take shape. One of the most important activities is out of the way, so now it’s time to decided what else you are going to do. The good thing about the Huakai Luau being on Wednesdays, is that you didn’t have to make a decision on what day to attend your luau, and now you have plenty of availability for the rest of your trip. No more juggling multiple ideas, and figuring out how to piece together the rest of your vacation.

The day of your Maui Luau can really be anything that you want it to be, with the exception of day long tours like a trip around the Road to Hana or an Inter-Island adventure. There are plenty of fun things to do that take up only a few hours, and you’ll have plenty of time in your day to do something super fun, like ziplining, snorkeling, or sitting around doing nothing! In Hawaii, there is nothing wrong with taking it easy, especially if you’re taking it easy on the beach.

Depending on when you arrive, you might be adjusting to the time difference, and if you are, take the day of your luau to unwind, catch up on some much needed relaxation, and just enjoy your surroundings. Make plans for lunch, perhaps have an afternoon (or late morning) cocktail, and make the most of your time in paradise. Then, as your Maui luau approaches, you’ll be nice and relaxed and ready for a low-key evening of fun, dancing, laughter, and pure enjoyment of a night on Maui.

On the flip side of that, if you have just arrived, and are ready to get out and explore, this might be a good day to do something fun. An early morning snorkeling adventure is a great option, and since you’re going to be up extremely early, you won’t really be losing out on sleep. The fish are very busy in the early morning hours, and you’ll be back in plenty of time to get ready for the luau, and you won’t be worn out from a day of doing a lot. After your morning of snorkeling, you’ll probably have time for lunch and a nap!

When you get to Maui, there is going to be so much to look forward to. Your Maui luau is definitely one of those things, and you are sure to have the time of your life at the amazing Huakai Luau. Set right on the stunning Ka’anapali Beach, the Huakai Luau is exciting, entertaining, and so much fun. You are going to love this Hawaii activity, and will have plenty of options for arranging the rest of your vacation.

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