Which Maui luau is the best?

Huaka’i Luau – Journey Through Polynesia plays weekly at the Seascape Restaurant at Maui Ocean Center. It is the closest Maui Luau Kihei.

Should I do a luau in Maui?

Why settle for a trip to Hawaii when you can have the best of both worlds? Attend Huaka’i Luau on Maui and enjoy our exciting culture while still experiencing all that this beautiful island has offer.

How do you get to Maalaea Harbor?

Directions from West Maui

Take the Honoapi’ilani Highway (Hwy 30) and go southeast. After passing through the tunnel, you’ll see a sign for Maalaea Harbor on your left hand side; turn right at this intersection with Buzz’s Wharf as there are many parking spots available nearby!

Who owns Maalaea Harbor?

A Dallas-based developer has purchased the 40,000 square foot Maalaea Harbor Shops & Restaurants on Maui for $13.4 million according to public records! The center is about 80% occupied and it’ll be run by Cheng Investments who are currently developing other properties in Hawaii like Coconut Wharf Apartments or Kailua Bay Townhouses amongst others.”

Is Kihei touristy?

The laid-back atmosphere of Kihei is a perfect match for those who want to take the scenic route and enjoy island life at its fullest. Kihei is a town of residents and visitors alike. With its blend of tourist attractions, businesses catering to travelers from around the world with their own unique flair for adventure, as well as some calm spots where you can get away from it all – Kihei has something in store no matter what your mood might be or how much time you have on hand!

Are Hawaiian luaus worth it?

A luau is a fun and engaging experience. For $150+, you get to sample Polynesian food while watching an incredible show that will leave your mouth watering for more! Luaus offer traditional dishes from both Hawaii’s own traditions as well as those found in other islands such like Samoa or Tahiti – all made with fresh ingredients local sources when possible by expert chefs who know how make them taste extra good.

What is Kihei known for?

There are many beaches to choose from in Kihei, but if you want the sunniest and driest one then go for Kekahi Coast. It has crystal clear views of Kahoolawe as well as other beautiful islands like Molokini or Lanai that lie across West Maui’s coastline too!

How long does a luau last?

There are many luaus out there for you to enjoy. Some of them can last up to 3 hours, but most only take about 2 1/2 -3 Hours! This includes greeting guests and seating everyone at their table before starting dinner around 8 p.m., followed by drinks (including mai tais!), showtime with performances from dancers wearing colorful outfits as well showing off some local cuisine like spam musubi ( rice wrapped in nori seaweed paper ) or bbqs served on skewers that look tasty enough even without all those toppings we put on top including coleslaw sauce+teriyaki sauce