Authentic Maui Luaus

There are Hawaii activities that you want to do, and there are Hawaii activities that you HAVE to do, and an authentic Maui luau falls into the category of activities that you HAVE to do. A luau is a fun evening beneath the stars, surrounded by friends and new acquaintances, all taking in the most authentic activity in Hawaii. From the moment you arrive at your luau, until the very last song is played, you will have the time of your life, celebrating the culture of Hawaii while enjoying a Hawaiian style party.

Each luau includes its own special events and activities, with the highlight of any Maui luau being the delicious buffet feast. Freshly prepared dishes line the buffet, made from local ingredients using recipes that date back for generations. A luau was traditionally reserved for Hawaiian royalty, but today, a luau is for everyone. Including visitors to the islands who are just looking for a fun night of music, singing, dancing, and thrilling performance.

The Setting
The setting for a luau is very important. Some Maui luaus offer better views than others, with the Huakai Luau offering perhaps the best view of any luau in Hawaii. Overlooking the famed Ka’anapali Beach, this luau setting cannot be beat.

The Culture
A luau is more than just showing up and eating. Learn about Hawaiian and Polynesian Culture throughout the luau, including the songs and traditional storytelling that are traced all the way to ancient Hawaii.

The Feast
At any Maui Luau, the feast is what most everyone is looking forward to, and the feast at the Huakai Luau does not disappoint. You’ll be heading back for seconds, and maybe even thirds, at the Huakai Luau buffet, featuring some of the most popular luau dishes, including: namasu, Poi, Kahlua Pork, locally grown veggies, fresh island fish, and a dessert line that will have your mouth watering.

The Show
The star of any luau is the captivating show, and Huakai Luau does not disappoint. Performers share stories, traditions, and the heritage of the islands through song and dance, bringing to life the legends of Hawaiian culture. The beauty of the movements and the songs are accompanied by traditional music that perfectly sets the tone for an authentic Maui luau.

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