Maui Sightseeing – Haleakala

Stepping off of the plane on Maui is an incredible feeling. The weather is perfect and the sites are stunning, and now that you are officially on the island, your vacation can begin! Visitors head to this island, one of the most popular destinations in the country, to escape and enjoy paradise, and soak up a little R&R. The first stop is usually the beach, with views that cannot be beat, followed by a vacation that is bound to be one of the best you will ever take. But, what should you be doing while you are visiting? Each person’s idea of a vacation is different, though we have recommendations that show off the island, are a ton of fun, and brings you intimately close to the island.

When you visit a new destination, or even a place that you have been before, it is important that you discover what that place has to offer. With a Maui sightseeing tour, you can get just that. Sure, activities like your Maui luau, ocean activities, and beach time are the things that you are most looking forward to, but seeing places like the summit of Haleakala brings the island to life, and is a can’t miss stop during your visit. Even if you have traveled to the summit on a recent visit, enjoying the views from the highest point on the island never gets old.

Haleakala is at the core of Maui, creating the island and also woven in with the history and legends of the island. The extinct volcano is the center of West Maui, with the island built around it and residents using its natural resources to create a sustainable living environment. There are many farms, wineries, activities, and communities that rely on the towering mountain that has long been the star of the island.

Maui is annually voted as one of the world’s top vacation destinations, and with an abundance of natural beauty and so much to do, it is easy to se why. Maui is just special, and the sites around the island help to make this one of the best places you will ever visit. There is nothing better than exploring the island on a Maui sightseeing tour and seeing sites like the summit of Haleakala, providing breathtaking views of this favorite island.

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