Luau at Maui Ocean Center’s Award-Winning Seascape Restaurant overlooking Ma`alaea Bay

Top Maui Luaus

There are a few activities in Hawaii that you are almost required to take part in. The first, and perhaps most important, is spending time at the beach. The soft sand and pristine water create the perfect place to rest and relax, or spend a day frolicking in the ocean and having a ton of fun. The next activity that should be part of any trip to Hawaii is a Maui luau, where you experience the history and culture of Hawaii and Polynesia, while enjoying a captivating show, complete with live music, dancing, and performances, and a meal that is filled with local favorites that you will just love.

One of the very best Maui luaus in the Huakai Luau, taking you on a journey through time, beginning all the way back with the earliest arrivals to Hawaii and continue through generations, sharing stories that have helped to shape the Hawaii that we know and love today. Storytelling in Hawaii is far different than most places, with stories told through song and dance, the lyrics telling the story and the interpretive Hula bringing the stories to life.

Of course, the part of a Maui luau that everyone most looks forward to is the feast! Though a far cry from the very first luaus that were reserved for Hawaiian royalty, a modern luau features a huge spread of some of Hawaii’s favorite dishes, including locally caught fish, fresh island fruits and veggies, an assortment of side dishes, and desserts that are just to die for. The star of the luau buffet is Kahlua Pork, a longtime island favorite that is prepared in an underground over (Imu), using techniques that have been in place for hundreds of years. Preparation is key, and there is nothing better than the succulent pork that comes from the Imu.

There is nothing more authentic than a Maui luau, and the Huakai Luau is one of the top luaus available on Maui. This is one of the top activities in Hawaii, and a Maui luau is great for all ages. If the food and performances aren’t enough for you, this Maui luau enjoy one of the best settings on the island, offering up a beautiful place to spend an evening, with stunning views of the ocean and island coastline to complete this amazing experience.

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