Where To Find The Best Views On Maui

If you’re anything like us, one of the items at the top of your to do list for upcoming trip is to find the best views on Maui. It seems that everywhere you look, the island offers breathtaking scenery and sites that you simply cannot miss. But where are the best views? You know, the views that make you stop, stare, and even do a double take at the unmatched natural beauty that the island possess? Some are easy to find while others take a little bit of effort to see, but no matter how you find the best views on Maui, be sure to find them…and bring a camera.

The best views on Maui are away from the cities and towns that are found all over the island. In some cases, the views you are looking for are not too far from town, while others take a bit of a drive to find. The drive that will show you the diversity of the island, and fill your day with many different landscapes is a trek around the famous Hana Highway. During a drive, you have an up close view of the island’s rugged coastline and scenic lookout points that bring to life the island’s scenery front and center. You can choose to drive the highway yourself, but a guided tour is highly recommended, ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy the scenery.

To take in the best view of the entire island, you will want to get to higher ground…or just get higher in the sky. Most choose to head up to the summit of Haleakala for sunrise or sunset and take in ALL of Maui. From the highest point on the island, you see it all, from the West Maui mountains to the cozy town of Hana, and everything in between. Still, some choose to head even higher and enjoy views of Maui from a helicopter on a Maui helicopter tour. From the sky, you get to see places that are inaccessible by land, giving you the best views of Maui’s hard to find spots.

Of course, any view on Maui can be considered the best view, and you can find great views of the island from your hotel or the beach. You’ll even find amazing views during some of the activities you’ve booked, like during a snorkeling adventure or from the grounds of your authentic Maui luau, perhaps none better than the view overlooking Ka’anapaliu Beach during the Huakai Luau. Really. No matter where you choose to take in views of Maui, you are going to love what th3 island has to offer.

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