Relaxing Maui Activities

Visiting any Hawaiian Island is largely about downtime and recharging your batteries. Everyone has a different idea of what that entails, and no matter your idea for unwinding and relaxing; you can find it on Maui. Sure, exploring and adventure are a lot of fun, but there is something so nice about just hanging out and enjoying the island. From the stunning beaches to the fun activities that encourage you to relax, Maui has it all. In fact, you can create an entire vacation of relaxing Maui activities and have the time of your life.

Beach Time
We’ll get this one out of the way first. Maui features more than 80 beaches along its coastline, and there are so many that are fit for the perfect day on the beach, with many just steps from your hotel or resort. Ka’anapali Beach is one of the premiere beaches on the island and the setting is perfect for a little rest and relaxation. Bring some food and drinks, sit back, and just enjoy the day.

Maui Luau
When the day starts to draw to a close it’s time for your authentic luau. The evening is fill with fun, a delicious meal, and a setting that is just perfect. Luaus are available all over the island, but if you are looking for the one that offers the most unforgettable view and an intimate experience, the Huakai Luau on Ka’anapali Beach remains the choice for an authentic Maui Luau.

Sunset Dinner Cruise 
Next to sitting on the beach and enjoying doing next to nothing, this is probably the most relaxing Maui activity that there is. Head out in the late afternoon, just before the sun starts to dip below the horizon, and enjoy refreshing cocktails, a great meal, and a view of the stunning sunset that Hawaii is famous for.

Maui Golfing
This may not be for everyone, but for avid golfers, or even casual players, golfing on Maui is about as good as it gets. There are many courses all over the island with views of the island and the ocean that you will not believe. Courses are designed around the natural features of Maui, creating some very challenging holes. Clubs are available for rent at many courses, and even if your game isn’t that great, you still get to enjoy the beauty of the island. Grab a late tee time, sleep in a little, and then hit the links for a relaxing day of golf.

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