Maui Vacation Ideas – Visiting Lanai

During a trip to Maui, visitors quickly fall in love with the beauty of the island, and often, while standing on one of the incredible beaches on the south and west coasts, find the silhouette of nearby neighbor islands. These figures are the neighbor islands of Molokai and Lanai, and it is usually quite the surprise to discover how close they are to Maui. The channel that runs in between the islands is a bustling world (underwater, of course), and though there are just a few miles that separate the islands, they couldn’t be further apart.

Lanai is a throwback to the days before Hawaii was one of the world’s most popular vacation destination, a sleepy island that is privately owned. Home to 3,000 residents, the island is largely a tourist destination, and has gained a reputation as a luxurious escape where there are few crowds and visitors can enjoy a quiet, relaxing, retreat to the 6th largest island in Hawaii. With a few hotels to choose from, visitors are welcomed by clear skies, stunning scenery, and the friendly residents of the island, enjoying top-notch amenities at incredible resorts like the Four Seasons Lanai. There are many interesting destinations around the island to visit, plus a ton of history and interesting facts that you will learn while here. Most notably, Lanai was the center of Hawaii’s pineapple industry for many years, with the island producing a vast majority of the pineapples that were exported from Hawaii. Pictures from those days show miles and miles of pineapples growing on the island, giving the “The Pineapple Isle” nickname to Lanai. Today, pineapple production has closed, though there are still plants that are found all around the island.

Two of Lanai’s most popular attractions are Shipwreck Beach and Garden of the Gods. Shipwreck Beach takes its name from the wreckage of a World War II Liberty Ship that has permanently resided at the beach since the conclusion of the war. The beach is not suitable for much, as rough conditions make swimming here impossible, but a visit here is always a must as the ship is iconic and the beach is a must for sightseeing.

Garden of the Gods is another popular destination on Lanai, and is found just a few miles north of Lanai City. There is no real explanation as to why the garden exists, and there is much debate about the creation of the mysterious garden. Hawaiian legends share a few different stories, with the most common telling being that Hawaiian Gods enjoyed creating art, and this is where they chose to create and display their incredible sculptures. To help with their creation, they created powerful winds to sculpt each formation, creating beautiful artwork to be admired.

The island is true escape within paradise, and Lanai is an island that makes for an incredible vacation. During a vacation to Maui, the island can be accessed on the Lanai Ferry, offering round trip and one-way tickets to the island. Once on the island, visitors can choose from driving tours, including a Half-Day 4×4 Tour and a Full Day 4×4 Tour, each exploring sites of the island and visiting the islands attractions.

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