Maui Sightseeing – The Road To Hana

From the moment you start planning your Maui vacation, you are going to continue to come across things to do on the island, and one of the activities that is at the top of any to do list is a trip around the Hana Highway. The famed highway stretches from Kahului to Hana, originally used by sugar cane plantation workers to reach their jobs near Hana. Today, the sugar cane fields are gone, but the highway remains, offering visitors a chance to explore the island and discover many hidden sites along the way. If there is one Maui sightseeing adventure to take, the Road to Hana is it.

A trip around the highway is one of those activities that you just have to do when visiting Maui. Like an authentic Maui Luau, the Hana Highway is part of a Hawaiian vacation, and after you’ve been around the highway, discovering the most remote parts of the island, your perception of Maui will change. Scenic lookout points are located all along the highway, and the stories of the Road to Hana are captivating. There is so much history that is associated with the most famous stretch of road in Hawaii, and during a drive, you will get to know the island in a brand new way.

A drive around the highway takes an entire day, and even though it’s only about 65 miles long, this is a drive that cannot be done quickly. With frequent stops, you need time to check the sites out, which take a bit of time, especially considering that there are many stops throughout the day. And the biggest reason that it takes so long to get around the highway has nothing to do with stopping. The highway features more than 600 curves and 59 bridges that both drastically slow down the daily traffic of the highway. One of the most interesting facts about the highway is that the many of the bridges that are found along the road are the original bridges that were constructed with the highway. And, many are one lane, so coming across cars that are waiting their turn to cross is quite common.

Likely, a trip around the Road to Hana will be the only activity that you take part in on a single day. This is the premiere Maui sightseeing adventure, and is the best way to see the entire island. The sites are incredible and Maui’s beauty simply cannot be described. Make the Road to Hana part of your vacation and you will fall even more in love with Maui!

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