Maui Luaus – Discover The Islands Of Polynesia

Hawaii is truly extraordinary place that is so much more than just a tropical destination. The islands are filled with culture, natural beauty, and captivating history that is as unique as anywhere in the world, and almost hard to believe has taken place in one place way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Over millions of years, Hawaii has gone from a volcanic hotspot at the bottom of the ocean to one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, building a long, storied, and often tragic history along the way. From the earliest arrivals through Hawaii’s beloved monarchy and continuing through to today, the islands have seen quite a bit, and tracing their legacy through the years is an incredible journey.  

During a visit to Hawaii, you’ll learn all about the history of the islands through the sites, attractions, and activities that you’ll find, and especially at an authentic Maui luau. The origins of the islands can be traced back to the islands of Polynesia, where all of the traditions and customs that are prevalent throughout Hawaii come from. The earliest settlers arrived to Hawaii on voyaging canoes, using only the stars to navigate, a practice that is still in use today, and is a very far cry from the modern technologies that we enjoy now. Methods and techniques like this set the tone for life in Hawaii, and there are many practices, traditions, games, customs, and rituals that you will encounter at any Maui luau, transporting you back to very beginning of Hawaii.

The Polynesian Islands are made up of thousands of islands of varying sizes, though there are 6 main island nations that make up what is generally recognized as Polynesia, or the Polynesian Triangle of Islands. These islands include Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand, Fiji, and Hawaii, the boundaries of the islands covering thousands of nautical miles.

Keeping the traditions of the past alive is a very important part of life in Hawaii, passing down the daily traditions through many generations, ensuring that the past and the heritage of ancient Hawaii are alive and well. These traditions include the Hula, poi making, imu cooking, and the games played at Maui luaus, each showing what life was like many years ago. The islands of Polynesia and their influence will always be a vital part of Hawaii and during your visit, taking the time to learn the importance of the past will enrich your trip.

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