Activities at Ma’alaea Harbor

In the Maalaea Harbor Stores, which are located on Maui’s south shore between Lahaina and Kahului, the Pacific Whale Foundation, Maui Dive Shop, Maalaea Grill and Beach Bums Bar & Grill are among the many shops and restaurants that call the Maalaea Harbor Shops home.

It is also the home of Huaka’i Luau – Journey Through Polynesia playing award winning Seascape restaurant overlooking Maalaea Bay at the Maui Ocean Center.

The Maui Ocean Center, which has a slew of exhibits and aquariums, is also nearby. Many snorkeling, diving, whale-watching, and dinner cruise cruises leave from the adjacent Maalaea Harbor.

Hours of operation are 9:30am- 9:30pm every day.

Pacific Whale Foundation

The Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF), which has a mission of protecting the ocean through science and advocacy and instilling environmental stewardship, conducts Research, Education, and Conservation programs for its communities. Greg Kaufman founded PWF in 1980 as an independent 501(c),(3) non-profit organization that was dedicated to saving whales from extinction. Today, PWF is a social enterprise which offers fee-based programs through PacWhale Eco-Adventures. This helps fund the nonprofit’s work. PWF now has more than 400,000 members each year, thanks to donations, memberships, and the dedication of a group of volunteers. It also has offices in Australia and Maui, and is involved with research projects in Ecuador, Chile, and Chile.

Hula Cookies

Our gourmet “ono” cookies (delicious) are made fresh every day on Maui with only the finest ingredients. There are no preservatives and no trans fats.

What to Do on the Maui Coast

maalaea harbor

Maalaea Harbor is on Maui between Kihei and Lahana. This beautiful harbor offers the best exit point for a variety of ocean-going adventures including deep sea fishing, molokini snorkel adventures, turtle town snorkelings, deep sea diving tours, sunset sailings, and more. The beautiful water views from here will leave you awestruck. However, there are a variety of things to do at Maalaea Harbor, including everything from surfing lessons to deep sea fishing.

The majority of the activities on Maui take place during the morning or evening, with the exception of one or two. Because of this, the majority of visitors to Maalaea Harbor opt to head out into the ocean around sunrise. Many of these visitors make their way to the open water around sunrise, then make their way back to shore for lunch and fun activities before returning to the water. Maui day visitors who take advantage of the full moon snorkel trips are often amazed at what they can see under the water when they return.

Other popular day activities on Maui include the aforementioned whale watching, and snorkelling. If you’re not interested in going whale watching, you can still partake in a variety of other activities on the island. The entire island of Maui is filled with culture and beauty. One of the main attractions of Maui is the national whale watching harbor. Here, you’ll be able to view a variety of different marine species up close and personal.

Some of the other activities that you can do on the island of Maui include day trips to the Molokini Snorkeling Area. This is a great experience because you get to learn about the marine ecosystem of Hawaii while having an active adventure in the water. There are a variety of different types of coral that grow in the area and mahi snorkelers often use this area as a place to practice their skills. As you may have guessed, this Molokini watch is a popular activity amongst those who are interested in whale watching.

If you are interested in learning more about the Hawaiian culture, you should make it a point to stop by the Molokini Crater and Maalaea Harbor. While the majority of visitors stop by during their day on vacation, you will find that it is a popular day of activity for those who are staying a little closer to home. You can walk to the Molokini crater from the parking area directly next to the ocean. Once there, you can have a guided jeep tour through the crater and the entire area of maalaea harbor.

While visiting this area of Maui, you will find that there are a number of different snorkel tours that you can take. In addition to the aforementioned day trip opportunities to the Molokini crater and the adjacent areas of maalaea, you can also go snorkelling, scuba diving, or participate in a variety of other maui activities that involve the water. Regardless of whether you decide to go on any of these Maui activities, you are sure to have a great time in the sun. As you might expect, the weather of Hawaii is very warm and pleasant most of the year. However, as soon as it starts to get windier, you are sure to find yourself wanting to stay a little longer so that you can take in all the Maui activities that you want to.


Is there a luau in Kihei?

Yes, it’s Huaka’i Luau – Journey Through Polynesia playing weekly at the Maui Ocean Center’s Seascape Restaurant.
Located in South Kihei on the sunny south shore of Maui lies the luau at Seascape. It’s a luau in Kihei near Wailea and Makena so if you are traveling to the luau, it is convenient to stay in these resorts or hotels. We are the closest luau to Kihei residents, performing weekly at Ma’alaea Bay. On most days, luau goers can see Molokini. With watersports available at Ma’alaea Harbor, luau goers will be able to view lparasailing or windsurfing just off shore before sunset.

Tucked into the second floor of the Maui Ocean Center, luau goers will be able to see a spectacular view of Ma’alaea Bay as the only luau there.   Huaka’i Luau – Journey Through Polynesia plays at the award winning Seascape Restaurant next to Maui Ocean Center and is a Kihei luau close to Ma’alaea Harbor which provides luau guests with an up-close look at some of the state’s most exotic marine life.
The luau at Seascape also offers luau guests a more intimate luau experience than luaus on the beach.  The restaurant offers an open-air Maui luau experience, but without the headaches of dealing with inclement weather.

Maui luau near Kihei

Huaka’i Luau is the closest performing Luau to Kihei and its condos and residences. 
The luau Kihei audiences are familiar with is Huaka’i Luau – Journey Through Polynesia playing weekly at the Maui Ocean Center’s Seascape Restaurant.
If you’re ready to book your reservation for this luau, click on luau kihei or call 888-LUAU-858.

What is there to do in Maalaea Harbor?

It’s newest attraction is our Huaka’i Luau – Journey Through Polynesia playing next door to Maui Ocean Center.   Maalaea Harbor, Marinas Piers & Boardwalks all exist at Maalaea Bay.   Snorkeling, swimming, kayak rentals and the Maalaea Canoe Club are available at Maalaea Harbor.   The luau is just across the parking lot from Maui Ocean Center at its Seascape Restaurant.

Should I stay in Maalaea?

The lack of population density means that Maalaea has few attractions of its own, but the town’s central location allows visitors to visit other parts of Maui easily. Maalaea is conveniently located near three major Maui highways, making it easy to move about the island. However, while there are a few restaurants and shops in the area, other shopping amenities should be sought elsewhere. The Huakai Luau is a brand new attraction there with its cultural activities to experience around Maalaea, and its proximity to being the only luau near Kihei , as its only a 10-minute drive from there.

How to get to Maalaea harbor?

From Kihei, take the Piilani Highway (Hwy 31) south to Maalaea. The Maalaea Harbor turnoff is located between the 27 and 28 mile markers .
How do you get to Huaka’i luau? 
The luau theatre is located inside the award winning Seascape restaurant overlooking Maalaea Bay at the Maui Ocean Center. If you are already in this area, take your first right into the parking lot across from MOC entrance number 1. Stay to the left near the building. If you are coming from the airport, take Hwy 380 south to where it ends at the intersection of Mokulele Highway. Turn left onto Mokulele Highway and then turn right onto Maalaea Road. Follow Maalaea Road until it becomes Honoapiilani Highway (Hwy 30). Take a right at the Honoapiilani Highway and Seascape turnoff (across from either MOC entrance number 1 or number 3).
Take Honoapi’ilani Highway (Hwy 30) from the Lahaina/Kaanpali side of the western part of Maui and travel southeast. You’ll see signage for Maalaea Harbor after going through the tunnel. The parking area for the harbor can be found by taking a right at the sign near Buzz’s Wharf.

Is Kihei or Wailea better for staying in Maui?

Wailea is a more affluent region, having more luxurious accommodations that are also more pricey. In Kihei, you can get a similar experience for less money by staying in one of the area’s charming condos. The Huaka’i Luau show is a short drive from Kihei or Wailea if you’re staying there.

Seascape Restaurant at Maui Ocean Center

Seascape Restaurant at Maui Ocean Center is the home to Huaka’i Luau – Journey Through Polynesia, playing weekly.  Seascape Restaurant in Malaea Bay is open for lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is noted for its scenic outlook, Hawaiian-inspired dishes, and beverages.
Kama’aina and guests alike enjoy dining at Seascape Restaurant. Located in the heart of Maalaea, our award-winning restaurant features a delectable menu of island-inspired food and breathtaking views of the harbor. When the humpback whales or beachgoers are around, it’s the ideal place to dine and relax. A Platinum Certified “Ocean Friendly Restaurant” is Seascape’s. This honor is a reflection of our long-standing commitment to providing a menu that is simultaneously nutritious, sustainable, ecologically responsible, and delectable.
Enrique “Henry” Tariga, our island’s executive chef, has devised a new seasonal menu with a focus on sustainability. Fruits and vegetables grown on Hawai’i, such as the island’s distinctive canoe crops, are a mainstay, as is grass-fed ranch protein. A daily highlighted dish of fresh fish caught by Ma’alaea’s fishermen will be served with Hawaiian style and locally farmed accompaniments created by Chef Henry. Classics on the menu have been given a Pacific and Asian makeover without losing any of their original appeal.
Reservations are highly suggested due to the restaurant’s capacity requirements.

Where is Maalaea Bay in Maui?

It’s located directly west of Kihei. Maalaea is in central Maui. It has a harbor, which is the start of lots of ocean activities. It also has the largest aquarium in Hawaii, called the Maui Ocean Center.  The town of Maalaea sits along its coastline. The bay offers beautiful views and excellent opportunities for fishing, sailing, canoe paddling and snorkeling or scuba diving in deeper water.  It is the ideal Maui luau location.

What is the cheapest Luau in Maui?

Huaka’i Luau – Journey Through Polynesia playing weekly at the Maui Ocean Center’s Seascape Restaurant.  It offers some of the best luau deals in Maui at one of the best locations overlooking the Maalaea Harbor.

Can you swim in Maalaea Bay?

The north beach is easy to get to from the end of Hauoli Street at Haycraft Park. There is parking there. Maalaea is a good beach for swimming and playing in the sand.

Maalaea Harbor Activities

Between Kahului Airport and the Lahaina/Ka’anapali resort regions, you’ll find the harbor at Maalaea. Huaka’i Luau, Sailing, snorkeling, sportfishing, and whale watching are just some of the ocean activities you can enjoy.
Maui’s stunning shoreline and Molokini Crater provide for great ocean experiences. You may also get up up and personal with turtles and dolphins while on the water. In the winter, take a sunset cruise with the humpback whales to cap off your perfect day in paradise

Maalaea, HI 96793, USA