Lahaina Banyan Court Park Maui

Local families with young children are the majority of those that visit Lahaina’s Baby Beach. Fortunately, an exposed
section of coral protects the beach, which creates a calm shallow region where tiny children won’t be thrown down by
a strong wave and parents can let their children run around without being too concerned about the ocean. The weather
is nearly always pleasant on Maui’s West Coast, and the beach offers excellent views of the ocean and other islands, just like the rest of the island.

Babies will love Baby Beach, which is a saltwater playground for children. Since this region is protected from breaking waves by a lengthy barrier offshore, the water is often shallow and gentle not to mention warm! While wading, there is also lots of coral to discover and explore. It is possible to visit a Buddhist temple that is open to the general public if you walk northwards up the beach.

Baby Beach is the #1 place to go for kids in Maui because it has a rugged seawall barrier offshore that keeps the surf at bay and the ocean tranquil close to the shore. Baby Beach is a large beach frequented with families in Lahaina. In general, there are a lot of families with kids here. When kids are close to the water or in the ocean, they must, of course, be closely observed and monitored at all times. At this kids beach, no lifeguards are around, so it is up to the parents to watch their kids and make sure they are safe.
The two most efficient routes to Baby Beach are from the north end and the south end of the island. Parking is most readily available on the north end. Turn left onto Ala Moana Street from the northern portion of Front Street in Lahaina, and follow it all the way to the ocean. At the fork in the road, take the left fork. Pass the Lahaina Jodo Mission (with giant Buddha) on your left, and park on this street near the ocean, then walk to the adjacent beach. Baby Beach begins here and continues to the left. Zoom in on this map of Lahaina for details.

Another way to get to Baby Beach is at its south end, but parking is farther from the beach there. Park on Kenui Street, on the mountain side of Front Street (the side away from the ocean side). Walk from there across Front Street onto Kai Pali Street (unmarked). Walk one short block toward the ocean, and look for the Beach Access pathway on your left. Follow that path to the beach. You will be on the south end, and Baby Beach extends to your right.

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii