Delicious Dishes At Your Maui Luau

The day of your luau is going to be filled with excitement. Knowing that you’re heading to a big party that night in a beautiful setting with great entertainment means nothing but fun. Then, you have that giant luau buffet and the evening is just perfect. The food at the buffet is what many visitors look forward to the most, and for good reason: the food is outstanding, or Ono as Hawaiians say. When you get to your Maui luau, aromas fill the air and you’re going to be ready to eat. A helpful hint: some visitors avoid snacking throughout the day to save room.

At the Huakai Luau, one of the top Maui luaus, you get a spread that is fit for a king, and in a way, it actually is. In the days of ancient Hawaii, luaus were very special occasions and the royal spread was the most anticipated part of the evening. Even today, the food is prepared as it was for royalty and is downright delicious. These dishes are part of every luau buffet and you will see them during your trip down the buffet line:

  • Kalua Pork – the succulent roast pig, Kalua Pork takes a day to prepare and is a sight to see. Removing the pig from the Imu is a traditional part of every luau and you will certainly be piling it high on your plate.
  • Lomi Lomi Salmon – this side dish is kind of like Hawaiian ceviche, and who doesn’t like ceviche?! Served cold, raw salmon is massaged with seasoning and combined with fresh cucumber, onion, and tomato and seasoned with salt and often red pepper flakes.
  • Poi – the most traditional Hawaiian dish, poi originated way back in the days of ancient Hawaii and is created by steaming the taro root and smashing the root into a paste, and combing with water to reach the desired consistency.

Other dishes:

  • Fresh island veggies
  • Locally caught fresh fish
  • Haupia pudding
  • Macaroni salad

Luaus are a part of any vacation to Hawaii and will be one of the best nights from your trip. When you select your Maui luau, make sure to check out the entire luau menu, like the menu at Huakai Luau, one of Maui’s top luaus.

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