Maui Luaus – Tropical Hawaiian Cocktails

Avacation is a time to sit back and relax, enjoy your surroundings, and have the time of your life. For some, the time to relax also means letting loose a little and having a tasty tropical cocktail while on vacation, and many destinations around the world feature cocktails that are closely associated with the location. For example, Guinness Beer in Ireland or a Mai Tai in Hawaii. The Mai Tai is one of those drinks that screams Hawaii, depicting the stunning Hawaiian sunset in a glass…and it is also delicious!

At your Maui luau, there are quite a few cocktails that are served, though when you are at a setting like a luau, there is a good chance that you are going to go for one of the featured drinks on the menu. Sure, luaus also serve beer and wine, and in many cases, the beer is a locally brewed beer that just perfect for the evening. Those that prefer a cocktail are able to enjoy one of the colorful drinks that are expertly prepared.

Mai Tai
The Mai Tai was not invented in Hawaii, but it has become a drink that is very closely tied to the islands. Made with white rum, a combination of juices, a drizzle of grenadine, and a topping of dark rum, the Mai Tai looks exactly like the sunset, and is a refreshing drink for a hot day.

Blue Hawaii
This drink was invented in Hawaii, and though it is simple, it is one of those drinks that is just too good. Made with white rum, pineapple juice, and topped with blue curacao, the visual that is created is very beautiful. The origins of the drink come from a local bartender at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, and was also the name of a famous movie starring Elvis!

Lava Flow
With Hawaii’s violent volcanic past, the lava flow might be the drink that is about as Hawaiian as it gets. The ingredients include white rum, pineapple juice, coconut mix, and a dash of strawberry puree, making this drink quite striking and very delicious. The drink is served frozen and is a nice, sweet treat on a hot Hawaiian day.

Which of these drinks are you most looking forward to tasting during your vacation? Our recommendation is to enjoy a Mai Tai or 2, responsibly of course, during your authentic Maui luau. Of course, you cannot go wrong with any of these, and have surely earned the reward during your upcoming vacation.

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