Maui History Lessons On Your Trip

It is no secret that the island of Maui is a whole lot of fun, with great options for activities and fun things to do, and a beautiful setting for your vacation to take place in. All over the island are great sites to see and wonderful destinations to visit that will bring the entire island to life. And more often than not, there is a history lesson hidden in your activity, helping to share the long history of the Hawaiian Islands.

The town of Lahaina is filled with history and a must for you to visit during your trip. As the former capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii, there are must see landmarks all over town. The harbor was the center of the whaling industry for many years, welcoming in boats to its harbor from around the world, the captain and crew to unwind in town. Landmarks all over the town share the importance of Lahaina to Maui, and the entirety of the Hawaiian Islands.

All along the most famous street on the island, Front Street, shops and restaurants are the place to do a bit of shopping, eating, and even enjoy a nice refreshing beverage with a stunning view. Front Street is well known for its daytime fun, nighttime gatherings, and a variety of street fairs and festivals that take place during the year. And not far from the street is the iconic Banyan Tree, nearing its 150th birthday! This is quite the site to see and a one of the true treasures on the island.

Rich in history and stories, spending time in the town of Lahaina will be a great day during your vacation. The town itself is so charming, and features many great shops and restaurants for you to check out. Most of the ocean adventures you will enjoy originate at Lahaina Harbor, and will provide plenty of time for you to explore the town, and find as many historic landmarks as possible.

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