Fun Maui Snorkeling Adventures

There are many great activities on Maui, and one of the most popular (and most fun) is a Maui snorkeling adventure! There are so many places around the island to snorkel, the vast underwater world coming to life while you snorkel above. Colorful fish of all sizes are found around Maui, with so many amazing things to see beneath the surface of the ocean. During your trip, take a fun Maui snorkeling adventure!

If you’ve been snorkeling, you know how much this Maui activity is. Not only do you get to take part in the best ocean activity, but you get to do so in the early hours of the day, leaving plenty of time for additional fun things to do later in the day. Many visitors to Maui choose to snorkel in the morning, rest a little during the afternoon, and then do something fun at night, like an authentic Maui luau.

Maui’s top snorkeling site is Molokini, an exposed volcanic crater that breaks the surface of the Pacific Ocean in the shape of a crescent moon. Located about 9 miles from Lahaina Harbor, the natural shape of the islet forms a natural barrier from the harsh ocean conditions, providing a protected place for snorkelers to enjoy the ocean dwellers that are found here. Snorkeling at Molokini is at the top of many Maui to-do lists, and though the snorkeling being the biggest attraction to this fun activity, you also get to head out on a long cruise to the snorkel site, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the exquisite scenery of the ocean and the stunning Maui coastline.

Many Maui snorkeling adventures include additional snorkel sites, where you’ll have further opportunity to enjoy the diversity of the ocean and its inhabitants. As if snorkeling at Mololkini wasn’t amazing enough, you can also find great snorkeling at sites like Turtle Arches, where Hawaii Green Sea Turtles are found in abundance.  

Snorkeling is one of the very best activities in Hawaii, and Maui is considered the island with the best snorkeling. Great for all ages, Maui snorkeling adventures are a great addition to any Maui vacation, and everything that you will need is included. Don’t miss out on fun Maui snorkeling adventures during your vacation, sure to be one of your favorite activities during your vacation!

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