Enjoying an Authentic Hawaiian Luau

For those who have been lucky enough to take part in an authentic Hawaiian Luau, you know how much fun this top Hawaii activity is. For those who have not been to an authentic Hawaiian luau yet, you are in for the time of your life. Luaus date all the way back to the earliest days of Hawaii, and have long been an important part of the culture of the islands, keeping ancient traditions alive and passing those traditions down to future generations, ensuring that the past remains part of the islands. And, an authentic Hawaiian luau is just a ton of fun!

There is much to enjoy an authentic Hawaiian luau, and from the moment you arrive, you’ll be immersed in the traditions and customs of Hawaii. Everything from the traditional lei greeting to the fun activities and the removal of the pig from the underground oven are key parts of any luau, and all make for a great evening. Add in the stunning setting and the beauty of the natural surroundings, and the evening will easily be one of your favorites from your trip.

Once the luau officially kicks off, the fun is non-stop. Games and activities are front and center before dinner starts, and once the buffet opens up, your stomach will be growling. The delicious feast is always one of the best parts of the luau, and for good reason. The dishes that are featured are downright delicious, with many of the recipes being passed down through the years. Cooking techniques that were developed hundreds of years ago are still used today in dishes like poi and Kalua Pork, and newer dishes that are favorites throughout Hawaii today are also featured. We’re sure you’ll be heading back for seconds…and maybe even thirds!

Of course, the star of the luau is the evening entertainment, featuring live music, traditional dances, and storytelling that is one of the oldest traditions in Hawaii. The hula is a beautiful form of dance, with the music and movements telling stories of the past and keeping the artform prevalent to the islands. There is nothing that is more important to the islands than the heritage of ancient Hawaii, and an authentic Hawaii luau shares the customs of the islands, while showing you a great time.

Each island offers options for Hawaiian luaus at some of the most amazing locations you can imagine. The Huakai Luau on Maui takes place on the shores of Ka’anapali Beach, creating one of the most stunning luau views you can find. Visitors to Oahu, Kauai, and Big Island can find luaus with comparable views and comparable fun, while visitors to Maui are able to head to the shores of Ka’anapali for one of the best luaus in all of Hawaii.

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