All About Maui

With many miles of stunning beaches, a dormant volcano, and some of the most well-known places in the entire island chain, Maui is a great place to visit. Commonly thought of as the best of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui has grown into one of the best vacation destinations in the world and since you’ve chosen the island for your vacation, you’ll want to get to know the island as much as you can before your arrival. Here are great tidbits and interesting facts about the island that will help to get you excited for your trip.

  • Maui features more than 80 beaches along its scenic coastline. Most beaches feature powder white sand, but you can find black and red sand beaches near Hana.
  • There are many farms on the slopes of Haleakala, growing coffee, macadamia nuts, papaya, sugarcane, and pineapple, as well as lavender.
  • Ho’okipa Beach Park is the premiere windsurfing beach in Hawaii and is also one of the very best in the world.
  • Maui is well known for the incredible snorkeling locations all over the island and there are over 30 beaches and bays that are great for snorkeling.
  • In addition to farms, the slopes of Haleakala features a winery, the Maui Winery, the only one in Hawaii.
  • Haleakala is a dormant volcano that encompasses about 75% of the island. It last erupted in the 17th century.
  • The ecology of Haleakala is unlike anywhere else in the world, and the belief is that the interior of the crater best represents the surface of Mars.
  • On the slopes of the volcano you’ll find the Silversword, a rare species of plant that is found only on Haleakala. It requires very specific condition and is found above 6,900 feet in elevation.
  • The Hana Highway connects Kahului to Hana, and was originally constructed for sugar cane workers to reach work each day.
  • For 25 years in the 1800s, Lahaina was the capital of Hawaii, and was also the hub of the Pacific’s whaling industry.
  • Maui County comprises Maui, Lanai, Molokai, and Kahoolawe, and they all make up one single island, if every part of their land was above sea level.

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